Thursday, January 31, 2019

Book review: The Doll's House

I have always enjoyed reading. As a child, my dad would read to me every night before bed, filling my head with beautiful images that the stories and poetry described. Unfortunately, in the last few years, I have been reading less and less. Last year I'm pretty sure I read less than five books! This is so unlike me! But that's okay, because I have been striving to read more this year, and have already finished quite a few books.

The most recent book I have read is The Doll's House by M. J. Arlidge. I actually finished it in a day. It was so fast-paced and had me hooked from the start, so I really couldn't put it down. Basically, it's about a young woman that has been abducted, and locked in a dark cellar that has been made to be a life size doll's house. What makes it interesting is the alternating perspectives between the abducted victim, the police investigating, and the abductor himself. It was very well written, and had no dull moments. I would definitely recommend this book!

In between reading new books, I'm trying to read the entire Nancy Drew series. I have a mixture of the classic hardcover books as well as the electronic version. Currently on number 33 out of 52!

Happy reading!

xo Sara

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Getting dolled up for the day with Review Australia

Hello lovelies!

Does anyone else genuinely enjoy getting ready for the day? I'll admit, I'm a bit of an early bird, and I really like being able to take my time in getting ready. I just thought I'd share my outfit of the day: this super cute pastel pink collared knit top and high waisted black skirt. Though you can't see it, I love the gold button details and a-line style which sits just on the knees for me. This outfit (and 90% of my wardrobe) is from Review Australia, and while these particular pieces are no longer available, you can find a similar top here and here, or other black skirts here and here

My favourite part of purchasing the collared tops from Review, is that the collars are actually detachable, allowing you to also wear the top on its own, or to attach a different collar with it. In fact, the collar I'm wearing above is from a different Review knit! I seriously adore the vintage girly style of this brand, and the quality is absolutely amazing! It's so easy to wear their pieces for any occasion, whether it be daywear, a special event or work. I like to wear these more preppy, 1950's inspired outfits for work as it makes me still feel professional and conservative, but also feminine and vintage! What better way to boost motivation to work?

I hope everyone had a nice and productive day today - I know I sure did! Time to relax and rest now :) 

xo Sara

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chai Tea Party with Ruby Chai

Hello lovelies,

At the end of last month we were treated to a lovely morning at the Ruby Chai headquarters in O'Connor for their Chai Tea Party. Despite it being a very cold and stormy looking morning, we were instantly warmed by the cheery atmosphere and delectable products. Neither of us had ever been to an event like this before, so we felt a little awkward, sort of like being at a party where you don't know anyone! Of course, we had each other, and Louise soon came over and gave us a very warm welcome.

Beetroot latte, honey chai & turmeric latte

First thing we did was get ourselves a nice hot drink! They had all of their teas available to try, but my favourites had to be these three! The beetroot latte is a newer product that isn't too strong in terms of beetroot flavour, and the same goes for the turmeric. I often find turmeric lattes to be a little too powdery for my liking, but this was actually very nice, smooth and had enough flavour without being overwhelming. Of course the honey chai was absolutely delicious, but I may be a little biased as I have purchased this product before at one of the markets they were at.


As well as having their entire range available to sample, you can also purchase everything to enjoy at home!


And coffee lovers, fear not! They had a whole range of coffee beans available with all different flavours and strengths. While we are not coffee drinkers, we did enjoy reading the individual cards of each type of coffee that explained the flavour. They were even kind enough to grind the beans for those who didn't have a coffee grinder at home. And they had baristas on hand to serve everyone with piping hot cups of coffees.

Look at these cute jars and little bears of honey! So cute, and the perfect addition to your tea :)


Can we talk about this amazing food?! There was actually so much food, I didn't even know where to begin! I'm pretty sure I ate way too much, because they were all so delicious and beautiful! Plus, more just kept appearing haha! It was all either tea or coffee flavoured, which fit in so nicely with the event.

Chai donuts

Coffee flavoured donuts

Finally had a chance to try some glazed donuts by Carina's Kitchen! Yummy chai donuts with pretty flowers for everyone! It was so lovely to nibble on such beautiful morsels while meeting new people and having such engaging conversations.

These coffee flavoured scrolls looked so cute as well. These were made by Spirals Cinnamon Perth :)

Turmeric dusted brownies

Raspberry chocolate cake

Those brownies were so yummy! Both the brownies and the cake were made by Simply Beautiful Biscuits. I really liked how this event showcased so many local small businesses and bakeries. It was such a nice way to be able to sample all these products that I always see on Instagram, but never get around to trying in person.

Earl Grey Marshmallows & Fat Puppy Marshmallows

These were definitely my absolute favourites out of all the treats on show. Earl grey marshmallows by Little Polka Dot Pantry. One of my favourite floral teas mixed with marshmallows! Yum yum and yum. The Fat Puppy marshmallows were coffee flavoured (Fat Puppy is the name of one of their blends). Such a great idea to have flavoured marshmallows.

One last little pic of the treats table. All in all, I had a really great time at the event. It was a fantastic way to try the products and meet the creators of these lovely products. The whole event had such a warm and friendly atmosphere, and everyone was chatting happily to each other. I think that having that sort of atmosphere is so nice at a showcasing event like this, and I look forward to being a part of the next Ruby Chai event!

Thank you Ruby Chai for organising such a fun morning, it was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday!

xo Sara

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Chai Heaven with Rawr Chai tea

As my sister and I are both tea lovers, we were very excited to get our hands on some Rawr chai tea. Handmade in Perth, the Rawr chai tea comprises of a concoction of ceylon tea leaves, chai spices and coconut sugar. It also contains no gluten, dairy and nuts and is 100% honey free. The brewing instructions recommend using soy milk for the best flavour making it vegan friendly as well.

Chai lattes from cafes can be a hit or miss depending on your preferences. They vary from sugary syrup based ones, to mild and milky or strong and spicy. I personally prefer the flavour and strength from chai lattes brewed from tea leaves but also slightly sweetened which I find chai tea lattes generally lack. Following the clear brewing instructions yielded a delicious chai latte with the perfect proportion of chai spice to match the hint of sweetness from the coconut sugar. With my ideal flavour profile, this Rawr Chai will have to be a staple!

Of course I couldn't resist having some fun and 'spiced' up my morning oatmeal by infusing it with the Rawr chai tea before topping it with a sweet, chai spiced poached pear to accompany my freshly brewed chai latte. Chai on chai on chai! I think I'm obsessed with this porridge combo now as its spicy, creamy, sweet flavours complement each other so well.

Oh so creamy chai infused oats, sweet chai spiced poached pear and a freshly brewed chai latte

They also have a new range called Rawr fusion for 'bold, unique latte flavours' which sounds rather enticing. I'm thinking some chai infused baking will have to happen very soon.

So tell me, have you tried Rawr Chai? How do you like your chai lattes? Would you try chai infused oatmeal?


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Everyday Skincare Essentials

Hello everybody!

Today I wanted to talk about some amazing products that I've been using, loving and repurchasing. Last year for my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive some products from Kora Organics. I had always wanted to try this brand for a number of reasons: firstly, because I have always liked Miranda Kerr and her holistic lifestyle, secondly, because the products are all Australian Certified Organic, which I think is great, and thirdly because have you seen the packaging?! Anyone who knows me also knows that I am a sucker for beautiful packaging, and have been known to purchase things based purely on their packaging.

I have been using the Cream Cleanser ($39.95), Calming Lavender Mist ($39.95), and the Soothing Day and Night Cream ($59.95) as part of my everyday skincare routine for both morning and night, and have been absolutely loving it. The cleanser is both hydrating and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and very clean. The mist is so refreshing, and I like the lavender scent as well! I used to often get little spots on my forehead, but I've had no skin trouble at all since using these products. These three products are geared towards those with more sensitive/dry/ normal skin types, and they feel really gentle and hydrating on my skin. I think it's very important to choose the products that best suit your skin type in order to get the most effective results.

Another thing I love about all the Kora products is that they contain Noni Extract, which is a really great antioxidant that helps to protect the skin against damage from free radicals, as well as many other benefits. I also really love the scent of all these products! They have a beautiful floral, herb, sort of scent (I'm sorry, I'm terrible at describing scents) which I really like! Very light and feminine :)

I keep the Hand Cream ($39.95) and Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm ($24.95) on my desk because they look so aesthetic, and also because I like to have them within reach throughout the day. The hand cream smells quite similar to the facial cream and cleanser, which might not be for everyone if you don't like that more herbal sort of scent. It doesn't leave a greasy finish, and is very light and hydrating. The lip balm is completely unscented and is VERY hydrating. I have extremely dry skin, especially my lips, and this lip balm has been so helpful for this winter!

Kora Organics have recently launched a new Noni Glow face oil and body oil, which I think I may have to try! I do love a good body oil, especially in these winter months!

Have a lovely day!

xo Sara

Monday, July 10, 2017

How I spent my 4th of July

Hello everybody,

Been a little absent lately, as it's been quite busy for me! After exams, I was sick and then I had surgery on the 4th of July. Nothing major, but something that I've been needing to get sorted for a few years now! I got a septoplasty and turbinectomy to free up my left nasal passage. Looking forward to finally being able to breathe properly!

I spent the few days before my surgery trying to find blog posts and vlogs to see what the process and recovery would be like, and found there's not a whole lot of blog posts around. YouTube did have some great videos though. I suppose it's difficult as the experience would be very different for everyone, depending on your surgeon, the hospital and of course your pain tolerance and the way your body heals.

My surgery only took 30 minutes, finishing at 1:30pm, and I stayed overnight at the hospital. Unfortunately, the narcotics (I assume) that they used really affected me, and I was quite sick for most of the afternoon. Sleeping upright with a bandage under your nose is not the most comfortable, but better to get all that gross stuff out!

It has been almost a week now, and I've been very lucky with my recovery in that I have not had any swelling or bruising, and I haven't needed to take any painkillers whatsoever. Doing the nasal rinse was pretty awkward and gross at first, but it is so satisfying now to clean out my nose haha! At this current stage I don't even need the bandage anymore and can breathe through my nose, though it is still blocked and runny. Next week I will get my splints removed and everything will be back to normal again! Actually, it will be even better because I will finally be able to breathe!

I don't really have any photos because they wouldn't be very aesthetic, so here is a photo of my breakfast when I was in hospital. I had been fasting since the night before and hadn't eaten dinner because I was so nauseous, so I had to order extra food!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day Lush Haul

Hello lovelies!

It's a little late, but better late than never! We had a little "treat yourself" moment (once again), and purchased a few goodies from the Valentine's Day collection at Lush! Actually, I wanted to surprise Serena with a bath bomb after she came back from her month of travelling, and then I saw the massage bar and was sold! Serena was given the rest as a birthday gift, and they just happened to match perfectly!

Prince Charming Shower Cream: This scent is sweet without being overpowering. Containing marshmallow root, vanilla pod, grapefruit oil and pomegranate juice, it is sweet with a citrus feel. It makes your bathroom smell so good too.

'Love You, Love You Lots' Soap Bar: Full of roses, as most of these products are, this smells so great! I'm not the biggest fan of soap bars because I never really feel clean after using them, and I don't like the feeling left on my skin after. This was is super pretty though, does feel slightly more moisturising than your average soap. Probably not something I would actively purchase, but simply because I don't use soap bars!

The Kiss Lip Scrub: This is such an effective lip scrub! It's great to use just after you get out of the shower, and just before applying lipstick. It's really pretty as it's pink with glitter and mini hearts.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: My all time favourite product from Lush so far, I have repurchased this a few times. It smells like Turkish delight! Most importantly, it actually leaves your skin feeling super soft. You don't even need body lotion after, and you will smell so good. Seriously, such an amazing buy, especially during the winter months when my skin gets dry.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb: This is a triple rose threat! Containing rose oil, rose absolute and dried rose petals, this creates a pretty pink bath littered with petals. I am a huge fan of rose scented products, so this was such a great bath bomb for me. I was a little concerned with what the aftermath would be like in terms of cleaning, but it was surprisingly (and thankfully) fine! There was a slight pink ring around the tub, but it was easily wiped off, and the petals sort of disintegrate into the water and just go straight down the drain.

Love Spell Massage Bar: I was immediately drawn to the hearts and was sold as soon as I got to try it with a free hand and arm massage (so, so, SO relaxing haha). It has a sweet, slightly chocolate and rose scent to it and is so hydrating as well! As it is pure cocoa butter with essential oils, it does leave you with a rather oily finish, so I personally would only use it in the evening before bed :)

Well, there you have it! A brief run down of some of these little treasures from Lush. Have a lovely weekend everyone, and don't forget to spend some time on yourself!

xo Sara